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Take Action Before You Dig

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Prevent Dangerous Leaks And Damage To Your Underground Propane Tanks And Lines

It's both a good idea and, in Pennsylvania, required by law that if using power equipment, you take the appropriate action for your safety and the safety of your family before every digging project. This includes planting trees and shrubs, installing a flag pole, or building a fence or deck.

Before digging on your property, remember that there may be underground propane facilities (lines that carry propane from the tank to your house or building and, in some cases, underground propane tanks). Failure to take appropriate actions can result in a dangerous gas leak, causing serious and potentially fatal injury, fire, or explosion.

Before You Dig

  • Call the national One-Call number (811) to give advance notice to utilities such as electric, cable, and natural gas. Each affected utility will send someone to mark their facilities free of charge. One-Call services do not locate and mark private facilities, such as lawn sprinkler systems, electric or natural gas facilities on the customer side of the meter (such as electric or gas lines to un-metered outbuildings) and propane facilities.
  • Hire a qualified locating service to locate and mark your propane facilities.
  • If you do not know exactly where your underground propane facilities are located, play it safe! Turn off the main gas supply valve at the tank before you start to dig. To close the valve on the tank, turn it to the right (clockwise).
  • If you hit any propane facility (whether or not it is leaking), immediately turn the gas off at the tank.
  • Always call Cress Gas Co. or a qualified service technician to turn on the propane when you are done. In Pennsylvania, a leak check of your entire propane system must be done before turning the gas back on.

For more information about the One-Call system in Pennsylvania, click on this link for more information: www.pa1call.org. Please note that Pennsylvania law requires 3 business days notice prior to any excavation. If digging with powered equipment, the person operating the equipment must provide the notice no matter what the depth and no matter where you are in Pennsylvania.

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